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Cheree Berry started her eponymous paper company to create custom stationery for private individuals, but CBP has since evolved to become a national graphic design firm sought after for its playful, yet polished, sensibility. CBP's team of creatives are visual story tellers who strive to create conceptual designs that are unexpected, clever and command attention.

Cheree is CEO, Owner and Creative Director at Cheree Berry Paper in Saint Louis, Missouri.


The future is female! Be yourself, find your voice and put it to action. Oh, and write thank you notes!


My personal style is playful/sophisticated. I put the playful first as I’d say it’s 60% playful and 40% sophisticated. Cheeky, yet tailored and ever-changing. I’m inspired by childhood, graphic design greats (ie: Cepe Pineles, Tibor Kalman, Michael Bierut, etc!), communication in the everyday world, and occasions that occur all year round.

If I had a style uniform it would be really fun sneakers, a skirt and a cotton tee. 24/7.

I’m making my mark by keeping paper alive and well! Stationery, holiday cards, wedding invitations, kids’ lunch box notes, etc. I see the relevancy and importance of printed pieces from everyday communication to big milestones.

Professional and personal challenges that keep me up at night... Is my amazing staff happy? Did I forget to turn in my daughter’s field trip permission slip? Are my parents okay? Did I forget to tag someone in a social media post? Is it going to rain on a client’s wedding day? So many things!

In moments of self-doubt I build myself back up by checking in with my husband, calling my sisters/mom/friends, hold my babies (not really babies, anymore!), go to coffee with my business partner, and reach out to my accountability network. I have a large squad that luckily continues to grow.

Words of wisdom that resonate with me are…  If mom/the boss is happy, everyone is happy. I try and remember that before I react or radiate unpleasant vibes.

I stay true to my passions by continuing to stay motivated. I absolutely love what I do. There is never a day that I don’t want to creatively solve a design brief with a client or a CBP designer.

When it comes to my work, I’m most proud of my team! I love what I see being created in the studio. It really takes a team to extract the information, concept, create, adjust, refine, schedule, produce, quality check and put it altogether. It’s rewarding to see the variety of projects and new ideas that are generated with each one. I love our signature style of interactive and engaging  paper pieces, our true specialty... And am amazed when we make annual events feel new each year.

The one thing I would like to say to every woman in the world is, the future is female! Be yourself, find your voice and put it to action. Oh, and write thank you notes!



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Since I've known Cheree Berry, I've always been energized by her effervescent imagination. It radiates from her - she is absolutely brimming with curiosity and creativity. Cheree and her team at Cheree Berry Paper are consistently producing paper and digital delights that are almost waiting for us to take a bite into them! The CBP team is all around awesomesauce and it shines through in the work they do every day.